Getting a “Mike Over” in Napa Valley

Hi everybody,

I thought I would provide a bit of background about myself and my blog

* I am currently working as a private driver, driving people in their own vehicles to the wineries and fine restaurants throughout the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

* I’ve lived in the Napa Valley for 15 years and have owned a condo on the north end of town for 10 years. And the great thing is it is just a 15-20 minute walk to vineyard views and jaw dropping frame of the Vaca Mountains.

* My wife and I have one dog — for right now — a Pomeranian whose name is Harley. Our beloved pug Cecil died back in September. We are on a waiting list to get a rescue pug. We are both excited about having another pug. And, small pets are really the best way to go with the condo living lifestyle.

* My love for the Napa Valley is because I have had the unfortunate opportunity to live in some pretty ugly town and cities — mostly in the Central Valley.

* I’m starting a new career in the hospitality industry and have expertise in Power Point presentations and various Social Media outlets.

* The access to high-quality restaurants has sparked an interests in wanting to cook cuisine with local grown, high quality products that are sourced as local as possible.

* The climate is exceptional — for example today’s high temperature will be 73 degrees. The hottest day so far was 93 and lasted only one day and temps dropped daily.

* Mother Nature provides a consistent air conditioner with light breezes coming up in the late afternoon or early evening.

Keep looking for updates. And let me know if there is anything you would like me to investigate.

Bye, Mike


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Smile! Come with me and enjoy my corner of the Napa Valley

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