Best of times in the Wine Country

Somehow it has taken me many years to find what I believe is my true calling as a career. Recently I have discovered the hospitality job of a lifetime — working as a private driver, showing tourists the sight of the Wine Country. I have never had so much fun sharing where I live with visitors who truly love being here. What is wrong with it? Nothing. I do believe I am making the maximum use of my hospitality/tourism classes at Napa Valley College taught by a very competent and deserving to be recognized instructor — Brad Engeldinger — who has worked in hospitality. Brad, as director of the program, can actually pull from his own experiences — particularly for those students looking to veer their careers more toward foodservice side of the hospitality sector. I have been able to earn a certificate that has given me a job that is vital to the Wine Country as a tourist destination. Visitors whom I have driven — I love you all as well as the entire community should. Just remember my mantra: Treat people as you would like to be treated.ImageImage


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