My First Timers Top Wineries/Restaurants

The guests I drove during the Labor Day holiday shared their top winery choices with me. On Saturday No. 1 was Peju, followed by BV. And lastly was St. Suprey, where they thought the wines were very good, but felt as if their tasting host was just try and rush them through — and that didn’t over over well. And as a local, that is not good to not make guests feel relaxed and comfortable. And, it was a real bummer for them when they couldn’t taste at Cakebread Cellars, which closed early for a special private event.

On Sunday my First Timers loved Artesa, not only for their wines, but the beautiful views. Also high on their list that day was Clo du Val (sp.?) and Stag’s Leap.

And their restaurant choices included the CIA Upvalley in St. Helena. You can never go wrong there. For something fast before hitting their first winery, the gang stopped at La Luna Market where they praised the food.

And on Sunday night, I suggested Pizza Azzuro on Main Street in downtown Napa. And of course they loved it. They were very critical if the service was not good. And it it’ not there is no excuse — these guests come to our beautiful Napa Valley and should expect top par service


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