I’ll Never Forget My First Time

Some of my new friends who made my first time so pleasurable.
Some of my new friends who made my first time so pleasurable.

There is something about a virgin experience that you will always remember many years later tucked back in the corner of your memory.

For me that special moment was introduced to me on a warm Saturday afternoon on Aug. 31 and blissfully lasted through long after the sun had set on Saturday, Sept. 1. I must thank Gemma and her band of enthusiastic friends for making this such a pleasant experience.

They were my first clients in my new part-time job working as a private driver for Napa Sonoma Wine Tasting. They were fun, funny, friendly and enthusiastic. And, they were all pretty good at singing to their favorites songs playing on SiriusX FM. Who could ask for anything more?

They came across as knowledgeable, talking amongst themselves about various topics — nothing sophomoric about their conversations. Simply enjoying each others company. And had their own personal style of  wit and banter during conversations while traveling from one winery to their next destination of delight.

I found their spirit to be contagious, bringing a smile to my face.  At times, my mind blurred — was I driving friends around this beautiful and bucolic Napa Valley, forgetting they were clients paying for my service to  take them to as many of their wineries of choice. And they came with a desire to learn more about wine.

My only wish is that I hope — and do believe — they had as much fun as I did.

Thanks Gemma and friends. I hope you all come back again real soon. (I don’t think it would be proper to reveal your names, —  if only just for your own privacy).


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