Fourth of July … Already?

It’s a warm and lazy day here in the bucolic Napa Valley.

I was out at my garden this morning — after sleeping in — and just gazed in amazement at what is coming from those young plants I gingerly put in the ground several months ago.
On such a lazy day, I seemed to have lost some of my enthusiasm for catching up on my blog site. It is still a work in progress. So if anyone out there is so kind as to read this — please be patient. Unfortunately I seem to believe I get nothing more the a quick “look see.” Blog Surfers, who then move on to bigger and better blogs.

Happy Fourth of July from me in the Napa Valley.
Happy Fourth of July from me in the Napa Valley.

chard look backzucchini look back3onions hang to dry
Believe it or not, I’d be as excited to hear constructive criticism. Honest. I’m no fool, but at least I am trying.
I think for now I will wrap things up and opt for a dip in the pool. Along with this blog should be some photos of my garden back in the late spring.