Q’s The Spot

Hi again everyone.

Thought I would share another of my favorite places to eat without breaking the bank. Not always an easy task for us Napans.

When we have company we want to take out Q (formerly BarbersQ) is where I like to take them.

Quality food — southern barbecue meets California/Wine Country comfort food. A great north Napa neighborhood hangout that is a gem for out-of-town visitors. It’s in the Bel Aire Shopping Center in north Napa.

But things just didn’t jive during out last visit. And this is all a first: Not being told they were out of something after ordering it and being charged to split a plate, which my wife and I do while ordering a couple of side dishes. I did not notice the split charge on the menu and we’ve never been charged before.

Also, can’t out server at least shave. Looked like he rolled out of bed and came to work. And the arm tattoos — I know they are popular, but I think they should be covered by a long sleeve shirt in a nice restaurant like Q. I’ve talked with several restaurant owners who do not allow tattoos or facial piercings to be visible during work hours.

But, despite all this we still love Q.  Lunch prices are in the mid to upper teens.

I’d talk more about their menu, but it’s getting close to lunch, and I’ll go crazy dreaming about going over for a quick bite. They also have a website with lunch and dinner menu items.


Q Restaurant


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