Vine Bus Stop

Vine Bus Stop

Riding the VINE
Sometimes I find it necessary to use the city’s bus system. For the most part I have found the revised routes and GPS a big help.
And the updated VINE Bus schedule makes it much easier to track arrival times. And the new buses are very nice. I’ve only had a chance to ride on one, but the current, older buses have always been clean and comfortable.
And, this is an inexpensive way ($1.50 for adults) a reasonable way to get around town and up and down the Napa Valley. Visitors should not find the bus schedules intimidating and is a great way to talk and see some of the locals.


Smoke in my eyes

Last Friday night we were tired after long week and neither of us felt like cooking.

So we decided on take out and I knew just the place — Smokeville — tucked away in a small industrial park off of California Blvd. at the end of the cul de-sac. There is an art supply and furniture store right on the corner by the Wine Train tracks in north Napa. If you think you are lost, just roll down your car window a breath in the deep, smokey aromas filling the air.

St. Louis ribs, corn casserole and mac-and-cheese topped with crunchy potato chips — yummy! Whole chickens, crunchy hot dogs, homemade bread and butter pickles and collard greens are just a few of the delightful items on the menu. And there seems to always be a decadent dessert alway giving me the eye.

Besides offering something other than Italian food, the smoke joint won’t break your wallet. I got plenty of dinner for around $21 — not bad for two people.

The taste of smokiness is right there in every bite you take. There are a couple of picnic tables out front, but I would guess that at least 95 percent of the orders are take out. You can also call ahead and place you dinner order on your way home from work.

Smokeville doesn’t advertise and is found primarily on social media and word of mouth. You’ve got to check out there website and get on their email list. The foodservice business is primarily known for its catering, which I believe has been their bread and butter.

Please check them out, you will be glad you did! And I guarantee it.