Oh what a weekend here in the luscious Napa

Oh what a weekend here in the luscious Napa Valley.


Not everyone, especially locals such as myself, can’t afford to hop for tony winery to tony winery tasting wine. The valley is more than that. Part of the strong lifestyle attraction is vegetable and cut flowering gardening. With our perfect Mediterranean climate there is a cornucopia of avid gardeners. And that is how I spent my weekend.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their time getting there hands dirty and working up a slight sweat while basking in the sunshine?

 ImageImageImageImageImageImageOne of my favorite places for buying vegetable sets is at Big Ranch Farms — where they sell locally grown produce and nursery plants. They must have a zillion kinds of heirloom tomatoes, a plethora of peppers, aromatic herbs and the list goes on. Every time I go there, I spend too much money and my heads starts spinning and a big smile fills my insides. I was very disciplined this time, I only spent $18 — which got me a cinnamon and Tai basil, Italian parsley, a cantaloupe and a Japanese eggplant.

 Check out some of the photos I managed to catch this past weekend.


A beautiful day in the Napa Valley


Typical Napa Valley weather. Mother Nature delivered a bit of late evening and morning fog. The good news is that the gray sky clears and blue, sunny, warm weather is on the menu.

It is late April and my garden has never looked better as I transitioon from winter garden to a summer garden.

Every morning I go out and cut a handful of Sweet Peas and bring back to the house and let the fragrance fill the living room.

A I gaze at my amazing garden I am distracted by the beauty of the verdant Vaca Mountains  to my east. Beauty competing with beauty. In my opinion there is room for both in my life.Image

Weather or not for Napa Valley


The good life and the weather to go with it. Just what my bountiful garden craves right now in the verdant Napa Valley spring.

It’s late April and after two days in the 80s, Mother Nature has turned on the air conditioning late at night and into the morning. The morning fog usually burns off around 9:30 and the day is then bathed in sunshine. Sweet peas are filling the air and flourishing in my garden. I go out everyday and cut a handful of the colorful blossoms to showcase in the livingroom.

High temperatures are expected to get into the mid 70s and inching up into the low 80s for the weekend. This is s great time for an early evening barbecue and dine alfresco on the patio — bathed in the shimmering light of candles on the table and Tiki torches around the perimeter of our little oasis.